It all began with a summer chat about footwear and craftsmanship with Curro Bernabeu, a filmmaker based in Barcelona. After several hangouts for two months, three hard days of filming between shoes, machines and wonderful locations and a month of post-production, we got our first movie. 

The main goal for us when we started to imagine about our first film was to show the careful craftsmanship work that lies behind the shoes and Nickolson’s personality.

Curro Bernabeu and the film crew accepted the challenge, so we worked together with this objective in mind. The narrative, the photography, the sounds, the music... All the details were created to encourage that proudly crafted leitmotiv we are obsessed with.

Below you will find a brief overview of this project.
Hope you like it!

 DAY 1: Indoors I (the factory)

It was so interesting to observe this team in action: the director explained the scene to the team, then they took positions, everything flowed with some tests and scenes and then they chose the best ones.

The following pictures are real stills of the film we did during the shoe making that day:


DAY 2: Outdoors (the boat, the lighthouse and the airport)

With our fingers crossed, as we had no time to check the weather forecast, we were the luckiest people, as we had a sunny day of October in Alicante.

We started with the boat scene at the port. We saw the sunrise in the middle of the sea. We came across a few other boats. The people on them were shocked by all the audio-visual equipment we were carrying on our boat. Everything was OK thanks to the careful handling of the captain of the boat.

After that, we went to the lighthouse with its spectacular views, located at the south of the city. We spent the afternoon there, filming the pathway along the cliff.

At the end of the day, we focused on the sunset at the airport. The sound of airplanes taking-off was overwhelming. It was also a challenge for the camera operator. He had to be faster than before with swift movements and limited time for testing. Despite all this, we got it.

 DAY 3: Indoors II (the Amerigo hotel)

The location for the last day of filming was one of the most luxurious hotels of the city. The idea was to stage a regular morning in the life of a business man in a working trip: awakening, bathing, dressing, etc.

Below you will find a set of pictures of the moment when we were waiting for the perfect beam of light and the departure through the corridor. The lighting scheme for each scene is fundamental for the narrative of both instants.

It was an amazing experience of which we are very proud, Special thanks to the film crew and contributors. Our first film is real because of your support and effort.


Filmmaker: Curro Bernabeu
Photography: Arkaitz Latorre
Puller: Marc Blasc
Talent: Rafa Colás
Post production: La Casa de Kuleshov & Polart DS
Soundtrack: David Adkinson
Contributors: Mike Magazine & Paola Berná