Monocle Magazine

Monocle is a global affairs and lifestyle magazine, launched in 2007. Its  head office is in  Midori House, located at Marylebone, in London  and its founder, Tyler Brûlé is a professional in the communications sector. He is also the owner of Winkreative, a creative media agency and he currently writes a column, Fast Lane, for the Financial Times Weekend.

An absolute must in Nickolson’s suitcase

Amidst the hustle and bustle of an airport or train station, an escape to one of the international magazine and book stores is always possible. On one of those trips, something more than 7 years ago, I discovered the Monocle Magazine. A monthly magazine that deals with different topics from a global point of view. International affairs, business, culture, design and much more. The key element to it is its characteristic cosmopolitan and versatile touch. It has a universal editorial style with which we easily feel identified.

It is not only a magazine to travel with, it is an editorial that suits different times of the day; it informs, inspires and invites us to sit back and take stock. The articles are carefully written right down to the last detail and there is plenty of in-depth research that enables readers to get the big picture of a subject matter and the structure of the issue in question.

I remember perfectly the first analysis of the "Soft Power" of each country worldwide. Soft Power is the influence and social impact that a country has over the other countries included in the study. A country is higher or lower in this ranking according to how important its actions are in disciplines such as culture, sports, gastronomy, design, diplomacy, etc…

What are the key strengths of Monocle for Nickolson?

People and product. The success of Monocle lies in these two components. The first is the constant growth of its elite community with global tastes: an international network of contacts and professional co-workers in the communications sector and lovers of that global culture. The second is its ability to preserve its original product idea, the Monocle Magazine, and to expand on the physical and digital business experience around it.

Going against the trends. In a digital world that is obviously evolving, Monocle went its own way.

Its content clearly focuses on paper as the backbone of its main business. Its digital support is used to provide exclusive content for its website and Monocle 24 (digital radio launched in 2015. If you are interested in subscribing, listen to your free podcasts in Spotify first). Nevertheless, its best articles are only for subscribers.

You will not find them on Facebook. Indeed if it was a country, it would be the most populated one on the planet, but you might come across them in districts of big cities like Hong Kong or London, where Monocle has its own concept stores.

Undoubtedly, it deserves more than just a good local coffee, a comfy chair anywhere in the world and the mobile must be left in airplane mode.

My last connection to the Monocle universe was last Thursday in Barcelona, in a small coffee I found at the Born, which I definitely recommend: Farigola. This time I was with Stone, we had just had a meeting with a local production company, with which we are working on a project that will be released soon, and it sounds really exciting  ... TO BE CONTINUED.