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A NEW JOURNEY, A NEW STORY. And a million more to come. There are no words to explain the joy and pleasure we feel at this moment. Nickølson, a premium leather shoes and accessories brand, is real and this one is its first step.
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An enthusiastic way of life and a hands-on approach to men’s style provide the starting point at Nickølson. From the first style you discover of the collection at nickolsonbrand.com, every detail at Nickølson is crafted by expert artisans of shoemaking. Nickølson shoes are designed around the world and crafted in Spain. These are the result of a dedicated effort to achieve a high-quality product with a refined design, an ensured comfort and an honest price. The texture of premium leathers, processed with natural inks, waxes and creams, are the key elements to testify for the beauty of a handcrafted piece, and Nickølson’s Proudly Crafted essence. A craftsmanship heritage passed down for generations, yet, with a design renewed and with a contemporary flair. While trends come and go, exceptional quality shoes are made to last.

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Urban landscapes and architecture inspired Nickølson’s first collection. Clean lines flowing through minimalistic buildings: vanguard auditoriums and sleek business centers. Black tones, a wide range of browns and a touch of burgundy and blue are the contemporary dyes of our first collection. This is only a glimpse of Nickølson, we will be posting more news and content about us. However, we strongly suggest you explore our online store and enjoy the experience.

Welcome to Nickølson.
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